Hotels & Guesthouses

As anyone running a Hotel or Guesthouse knows having that something special or a little bit different that keeps people talking about you is essential. Having worked in the 5* Hotel industry for 15 years both the Directors of this company are well aware of what keeps people coming back. After travelling in Japan a few years ago they were completely sold on the "Japanese Lavatorys" 

Luxury bathrooms for luxury experiences

If your guests are treating themselves to a nice break in your establishment you want them to have the best of everything from a comfortable deep fill bath or a fantastic powerfull shower so why not a shower toilet. These toilets have heated seats which open as they sense the user approaching and they have a night light to guide you through the dark bathroom, which in a hotel will be a much appreciated added touch of luxury.

These toilets leave the user feeling fresh, clean and dry all without any effort on their part. Although in all honesty who talks to friends about toilets, with these toilets people do talk about them because unless you are in Japan they are that little bit different and much better than anything most people in the UK will have experienced, a touch of Luxury where you least expect it.

The latest bathroom design trend, 

These toilets are as smart to look at as they are smart from a technology point of view with automatic lid opening, sensor operated night lights and odor absorption. The toilets have an advanced ceramic coating which are anti stick so when the toilet flushes nothing is left behind making them 99.9% germ free. 

They look good and give a very good first impresion as they are not fixed to the floor like a traditional toilet, they are fixed to the wall with a back plate, they are very easy to install and to maintain.




Shower Toilet benefits

  • Softer on the skin
  • More soothing and more hygienic than paper
  • Ultimate clean experience
  • Clean with fresh, flowing water
  • Refreshing, soothing feeling
  • A self cleaning toilet free of odors
  • Leaves you clean and dry without wiping
  • Nightlight to guide you in the dark