Ambassador programme

Once you install a shower toilet you will soon learn of the benefits of using a shower toilet whether its the added cleanliness or the ease of use that you enjoy the most. When you tell your friends and family that you have a shower toilet they will want to come and try. Initially there will be the giggle factor, but soon there will be the” where can i get one of these” question. For every friend or family member you refer to the shower toilet company we will pay you a commission when they purchase a shower toilet from us. We call this our ambassador program. For every sale we will send you £85 as a thank you.


Shower Toilet benefits

  • Softer on the skin
  • More soothing and more hygienic than paper
  • Ultimate clean experience
  • Clean with fresh, flowing water
  • Refreshing, soothing feeling
  • A self cleaning toilet free of odors
  • Leaves you clean and dry without wiping
  • Nightlight to guide you in the dark