Hygea Smart Toilet Bright White


The Hygea is a new concept of smart toilet.

This electronic Bidet is like no other in that all the electronic components are housed in a single cartridge. This cartridge can be installed or replaced very easily for updates or repairs, the cartridge is completely disconnected from it's casing and the seat. This hygienic and innovative modular system can be easily updated with new electronic Bidet models we will develop in the future, without necessarily having to replace the seat or toilet. 

This new system consists of five elements: the toilet bowl, the fixing plate, the electronic bidet, the casing and the seat. We believe this to be the most functional and hygienic of smart toilets on the market. A simple product and in particular attentive to it's environmental impact.

Product highlights

  • Adjustable stainless steel nozzle for intimate hygiene.
  • Easy to use remote control with 3 easy to use buttons and 10 additional soft buttons.
  • Self draining and anti lime buildup functions ensure greater hygiene and reliability.
  • High efficiency drying device.
  • A dimming courtesy light.
  • Hygea is made of a high glaze vitreous china, with a Zerobact glaze giving a total barrier against germs.
  • Avaliable in 5 Colours- Bright White, Matt White, Matt Sand, Matt Grey and Dark Matt Grey.



Posterior Cleansing

Air Drying- 2 intensities with 5 temperature levels

Feminine cleansing 2 User's memories
"Kids" function Dimmable courtesy light
Auto function (hygiene & dryer Operational LED light
Variable spray Remote control
Variable nozzle position       Anti lime program
Oscillating nozzle Automatic tank draining
Automatic nozzle cleaning Radar sensor
warm water with a variable temperature setting Soft closing seat

Technical Information

This is a wall hung unit so we would recommend using a mounting frame such as the Rapid SL.

For full technical information you can download the technical specification at the bottom of this page.



2 year full parts and labour warranty.



Free Delivery to mainland UK.

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Hygea catalogue Download
Technical Specifications Download

Please note: While every effort is made to guarantee the accuracy of product information, please contact us to confirm any product details.

Shower Toilet benefits

  • Softer on the skin
  • More soothing and more hygienic than paper
  • Ultimate clean experience
  • Clean with fresh, flowing water
  • Refreshing, soothing feeling
  • A self cleaning toilet free of odors
  • Leaves you clean and dry without wiping
  • Nightlight to guide you in the dark